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    About Hoi An

    Hoi An is a quaint ancient town oozing with charm and history. Its picturesque narrow streets and sleepy riverside is a welcome pit stop on the road through Vietnam.

    Inhoian serves to assist travelers with all the information they require whilst visiting this fascinating area.  Find the best activities and tours, book the best hotels, eat at the most popular restaurants or learn to cook Vietnamese yourself.

  • Ancient Faifo

    Ancient Faifo in the heart of Hoi An Old Town is an ‘Ancient House’ that combines rich décor, beautiful food and great service to create a dining experience like no other.

    Whether it is a relaxing coffee, a cool beverage or tranquil dining, Ancient Faifo is a place you should not miss when visiting Hoi An.


  • Cham Island

    If you associate adventure with deserted islands, crystal clear blue water, and tropical sandy beaches then the tranquil coconut palm settings of Cham Island is just what you are looking for. 

    Offering some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the area, it also presents a chance to swim, tan and relax on what is often your own private paradise beach.

  • Cooking Classes

    There are many things to savour on a trip to Vietnam but it is the memory of the food that captivates many people. From Fish wrapped in banana leaf, banana flower salad, sticky caramelized pork in a clay pot or delectable fresh spring rolls, there is a real freshness and vibrancy to Vietnamese cooking.

    The variety of cooking classes is endless, choose one and learn to cook like a local.

  • Hay Hay

    Hay Hay is a new art collective in Hoi An that uses local artists to create contemporary art pieces. Each artwork is used in a series of design products such as stationary, cards, home wares and canvas art, perfect for gifts or lasting memories of Vietnam.

    Hay Hay promotes local Vietnamese artists and products, enabling them to earn a living through their creativity and passion.

  • Tailors

    Hoi An is world famous for its abundance of low cost and quality tailors. The old town in Hoi An enjoys extensive experience in the art of sewing, suit tailoring and local fashion design.

    There are many skilled tailors to choose from and coming to this little corner of the world offers tourists and expats the affordable opportunity to have a personalized garment created at a fraction of the cost.

Hoi An

In Hoi An was created to showcase the best of what Hoi An has to offer. As locals here, we are often asked “Where are the best restaurants in Hoi An?” or “What are the best tours on offer?” This website aims to give you answers to all the questions you may have when traveling to this beautiful ancient town.

Hoi An Travel Guide
Hoi An Ancient town

Hoi An (Quang Nam Province) is a quaint little town, oozing with charm and history. Its picturesque narrow streets and sleepy riverside is a welcome pit stop on the road through central Vietnam.  Lying 30 km south of Da Nang City, this World UNESCO Heritage site was once the largest harbour in South East Asia, and was known as Lam Ap Pho (Champa City). Today, it is a relaxing tourist town that has restricted vehicles from its streets and offers a multitude of experiences, sights and sounds.

Things to doThings to do in Hoi An

Hoi An has something for everyone. Whether you are here for a couple of days or two weeks, there are plenty of sights to see in and around Hoi An. The town is easily explored independently on foot or bicycle or on group tours encompassing the local sights, sounds and smells.  Read more

Shopping Hoi AnShopping in Hoi An

Just wandering the streets of Hoi An is a unique shopping experience in itself. The beautiful yellow-bricked buildings are home to many great local stores. Many hours can be spent perusing the local merchandise that one day will remind you of this magical place.  Read more

What to eatWhat to eat Hoi An

Everyone that comes to Hoi An raves about the food. Vietnamese food is healthy, balanced and beautifully presented and some of the top chefs in Vietnam have made Hoi An their home. Between the fancy resorts and the local street food there is something for everyone’s taste and budget.  Read more

Where to stayWhere to stay in Hoi An

Accommodation is plentiful in Hoi An, from small boutique hotels to large multi storied complexes, from homestays out amongst the trees to resorts and bungalows on the beach, Hoi An is well equipped with top accommodation choices.  Read more

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