Cooking Class

Vietnamese food is one of the things that makes visiting Vietnam so wonderful. Each dish is a combination of fresh meat and vegetables, with just the right amount of herbs and balance of sweet and sour.


In Hoi An many of the restaurants scattered through Old Town offer half-day cooking classes to give you an introduction and look into creating some of the region’s most popular dishes. Cau La, Banh Xeo, chicken in lemon grass and Hoi An’s popular Whites Rose are all offered in a variety of classes where you can practice your culinary skills with friends or family. Most of the restaurants that offer cooking classes advertise out the front of their restaurant so just pop in and make a booking and take some delicious recipes back home with you to remember Vietnam.

Cooking Classes in Hoi An

Ancient Faifo150Ancient Faifo                             66 Nguyen Thai Hoc St                            0510 391 7444

Ancient Faifo is situated in the heart of Hoi An’s Old Town and is an experience like no other. Set in an ‘Ancient House’ that housed two generations of Vietnamese artisans, this beautifully decorated establishment combines art, culture and style. Ancient Faifo also boasts a restaurant, ambient bar and offers a great cooking class.


Morning glory Cooking class

Morning Glory cooking class             3 Nuong Hoang St                    0510 3926 296

Morning Glory cooking class is an integral part of Hoi An.  Here you are treated to personalised instruction from masters of Vietnamese cuisine.  Morning Glory offers you the opportunity to experiment with new textures and flavours to create unforgettable meals.  Forget bringing home souvenirs, bringing home a new skill is even better!


The Island cooking class

Thuan Tinh Island cooking class                                                                 090 6477 770

The Island Cooking class is one of Hoi An’s more well known classes that offers a look into several local Hoi An dishes. Using fresh ingredients gathered from the local Hoi An market you will be taken through step by step preparing and cooking an array of sumptuous meals. This is a great activity to do as a group or with a friend or partner.


TamTam cooking class

Tam Tam cooking class                        110 Nguyen Thai Hoc St           0510 386 2212

Tam Tam restaurant is one of the older and more established restaurants in Hoi An. Their cooking class offers a bold look into the freshness and vibrant art of Vietnamese cooking. Perhaps one of the more beautiful venues for a cooking class this large old building is studded with artworks and elegant furniture. Tam Tam is a restaurant, bar and patisserie and know what they are talking about when it comes to Vietnamese food.


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