Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai Beach, meaning ‘big sea mouth’ is a three-kilometer long white sand beach. It’s only four kilometers north east of Hoi An Town. The beach boasts fine white sands, and clear blue water making it perfect for swimming and other water sports. When the heat gets too much and you have finished shopping in the old town you can take a bike ride along Cua Dai road and out to the cool waters.

Dusk at Cua Dai beach

Cua Dai Beach is more of a tourist beach and on the way you can find roadside shops selling swim wear and other water sports gear. There are plenty of beach chairs and umbrellas scattered along the beach.  Locals will be vying for your business as soon as you arrive and as long as you buy food and beverages from their shop, the deck chairs are free. You can laze the day away, staring out to the beautiful Cham island but just be aware that you will be asked (on more than one occasion) to buy local knick knacks from the touts that circuit the beach.

During the weekends the beach can get quite crowded but during the week, especially in the middle of the day there can be next to know one around and this tranquility stretches 30km north to Da Nang City. Along the front of Cua Dai Beach you will find some of the bigger seaside resorts like Hoi An Beach Resort. They take up huge sections of the beach but most of them can be enjoyed while visiting for a happy hour or dinner buffet.

If it’s activity you want then Cua Dai has it all. Food, shopping, clear blue waters, parasailing, jet skiing and general lazing around.

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