Da Nang Beach

The endless white sand beaches of Da Nang, made famous by the popular American TV series ‘China Beach’, is a 30 km stretch made up of a few beaches including My Khe , Non Nuoc and Bac My An. This beautiful stretch of sand and blue clear water is practically deserted in the summer months, as most Vietnamese dislike exposure to the hot sun. Local stalls with chairs and umbrellas line the beach throughout the day and there are no touts to distract the peace and tranquility.

No shortage of white sand here

No shortage of white sand here

There are a huge amount of sea food restaurants that line the promenade offering all sorts of weird and wonderful sea creatures.  You can have a lot of fun trying to decipher the local menus.

Out towards Bac Me Beach the beautiful resorts, with the likes of Furama and Pullman, and the Hyatt Regency.  These offer great buffet menus and Happy Hour drinks. If you hang around until 4pm you will witness the slow migration of the Da Nang city dwellers making their way down to the beach in hoards. Families use the beach for recreation and by 5pm the beach and waters are transformed into a huge playground. The lifeguards on duty string up lines of buoys every few hundred meters and you are expected to swim between them or suffer the wrath of the lifeguard whistle. The activity of the evenings (and very early mornings) is a stark contrast to the serenity of the daytime.

Da Nang beach bars

Da Nang beach is a mere 2 kilometers from the center of town, but between the hours of 8am and 4pm it is practically deserted.  If you look hard enough you will also find some welcoming beach bars like Lido, Temple Bar or Danabeach right along the beach road.

Da Nang is somewhat overlooked by foreign travellers, but has a lot to offer and is certainly worth a visit.



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