Fashion in Hoi An


Hoi An is known for its many fashion boutiques and incredible suit tailoring.  You do not want to leave before getting a couple of pieces designed for yourself.  But if you don’t have the time or just prefer to buy your clothes straight off the rack then there are plenty of great clothing and shops to keep you busy.

Hoi An Shopping

Most of the tailors in Hoi An have clothes on display that you can buy right then and there. They are up-to-date fashions that have been copied from the latest style magazines. If you see something on a mannequin and it does not quite fit then you can get it altered. If you are looking for something unique – something to wow your friends when you get home – there are a handful of great fashion shops that stock clothing with Western body sizes in mind. Most of these boutique stores stock garments for every season as well as accessories and jewellery to match. Once again if the clothing does not fit then these can be altered to  fit you perfectly.

BaBa fashion Hoi anBa Ba Design                   83 Nguyen Thai Hoc St                0510 3861 669

Ba Ba is a high fashion woman’s clothing and accessories boutique that is unique in its design and implements a style of fashion that maximizes femininity to it’s fullest. Ba Ba offers a wide range of naturally sophisticated women’s wear that’s wholly designed and created on sight by foreign and local owners. Designer Jules Chomolok has designed an amazing array of fabrics that makes each garment stand out in a crowd.


Hot chilli fashionHot Chili                            67 Nguyen Thai Hoc St              0510 3929 553

 Hot Chili is an Australian-run company that creates original designs for garments and accessories. Designer Jennie Walsh uses surrounding influences to paint motifs that are then screen printed onto fabrics and made into garments for their collection. The prints are bold and decorative with an almost beach side feel to them. They also create their own line of swimwear and bikinis using flattering patterns and striking colours.

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