Local Cuisine

Banh xao

Vietnamese food is one of the most healthy and delicious cuisines on the planet. Food is made from fresh meat and vegetables with subtle flavours, bunches of herbs and multiple kinds of noodles and rice. Because of  Hoi An’s central positioning and its abundance of tourists, many top chefs come to Hoi An to feed its gastronomical industry.

Vietnamese food is not complicated to make, but it is the special care dedicated to choosing and preparing the ingredients that make all the difference. Each vegetable or fruit at the market is chosen for its ripeness and colour, to complement just the right dish.

Food here in Hoi An is all about balance. Each dish is created with the right balance of sweet and savoury and deliciousness.  The cooking classes in Hoi An are inexpensive and a great way to enjoy the all the flavours while actually preparing the dish yourself.


Local Restaurants

Mai Fish restaurantMai Fish                                     45 Nguyen Thai Hoc St         

Mai Fish is chef Duc’s (of Mango Mango and Mango rooms) new restaurant. Duc is somewhat of a local celebrity chef around Hoi An, after establishing himself as one of the more daringly creative people in the industry. As you look through the menu you will notice the names of the dishes, names you see everyday on the street and are popular Vietnamese dishes served to perfection. This is a great place for a romantic evening or if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet while savoring delicious age old recipes.

Bale Well Hoi AnBale Well                                     45/11 Trung Hung Dao St                      0510 3864 443

Bale Well is a local rough and ready, all you can eat spring roll restaurant. It is not only incredibly tasty but it has the atmosphere and people to make a great night out. Situated down a long narrow alleyway close to the Old Town you will find both locals and tourists enjoying a lively atmosphere and the best hand-rolled Ban Xao in town. For a truly cheap fun night out with friends or locals, head to Bale Well – and bring your appetite.


328 restaurant hoi an328                                                328 Cua Dai St

328 is another great local restaurant in Hoi An. You can find it on (you guessed it) 328 Cua Dai Rd on the way out to Cua Dai Beach.  This place is your standard Vietnamese restaurant but creates more than just your standard Vietnamese food. Long tables that are great for big groups serve up some of the best seafood in Vietnam. Cold local beer is always heavily stocked in the fridge to cool off every last spicy mouthful.


The market restaurant hoi anMarket Restaurant                 3 Nguyen Hoang St                                    0510 3926 926

Madam Vy’s ‘Market Restaurant’ is a great place to sit with friends and try a variety of classic dishes.  It is a local family style restaurant that produces home cooked food at a great price.  Hot with the buzz of a food market setting, it is a great place to stop and take in some local flavors whilst on the run.

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