Souvenirs, novelties and party tricks – Hoi An has it all. Shop after shop, stall after stall, Hoi An Old Town is scattered with a myriad of trinkets and Vietnamese paraphernalia to fill up your suitcase.  Shopping in Hoi An is something of a treat, most items are very unique, hand made and inexpensive.

Shopping Hoi An

Hoi An’s streets are filled with many wonderful products to remind you of your trip to Vietnam. Lacquerware is a huge market in Vietnam. Bamboo bowls and vases are painted and sanded back with lacquer up to 12 times to create a brilliant shine. You can pick up sets of colourful home wares and lanterns along with a huge variety of metal and wooden ornaments.

Hoi An Shopping

Root sculpture and marble



Souvenir stores

‘Reaching Out’ employs and trains local staff with disabilities, creating beautiful gifts with a heart-warming story. ‘Metiseko’ is a Vietnamese influenced design store, with motifs on organic cottons to create beautiful home wares.

Down by the market on Bach Dang, there is a very talented resident carving traditional faces from tree roots in the smallest shop in Hoi An. Ask nicely and maybe he will carve your face into your own custom stamp.


Local artistry

Hay Hay located by the Japanese bridge offers unique art and gifts created and produced by Vietnamese artists. Canvas art, bags, stationary and a variety home wares and gifts adorn Hay Hay providing a living for local Vietnamese.  Hoi An is a town filled with artistic talent, offering unique gifts that are sure to impress friends and family when you get back home. Remember, when shopping in Hoi An, the first price is just the beginning, so haggle, haggle, haggle!

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