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Transport & getting to Hoi An

Getting around Vietnam is not difficult or expensive. Depending how you do it, it can be as quick or slow as you like. Hoi An is located about 35km’s from Da Nang International airport, surrounded by mountains and ocean on the central coast of Vietnam. Here is some useful information on how to get around.



Booking your flights in Vietnam or online is cheaper than doing it out of country through a travel agent. There are two main airlines Vietnam Airlines and Vietjetair. Vietjetair is the cheaper of the two but is prone to delays so if you have a pressing schedule Vietnam airlines is pretty reliable. If you book early you can usually get one-way tickets from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang for around $60US or to Hanoi for $100US.


The train is perhaps the most interesting way to travel. It is cheaper than flying but not by much. You can purchase sleeper tickets in a 4-person bunkroom. The beds are pretty hard and short and it is never a quiet journey. There is a carriage at the end that serves food and the views out the window can be amazing. The train between Hue and Da nang is especially picturesque. For more info, times and prices visit.


Buses in Vietnam are pretty comfortable, cheap and frequent. From Ho Chi Minh City they have good ‘hop on hop off’ deals all the way up the coast. Vietnamese roads are good but the traffic is a bit frightening at times and buses are notorious for overtaking on busy highways. You can also get sleeper buses with strange little plastic recliner seats. Be aware that drivers incessant honking can sometimes prevent any sound sleep. Go to any travel agent in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh for times and prices or check out.


A great way to see Vietnam is on a motorbike. Around 85million people use this mode of transport in Vietnam so if you are not confident on a motorbike don’t try it. The streets in the main cities can be unbelievably crowded to the point of manic but the pay off is that you feel like you are seeing Vietnam amongst the locals on your terms. Once out of the cities the streets are still crowded until you get into the mountains. If you are traveling long distances you need to take tools, the right clothes and the equipment to fix a tire. Another great way to see Vietnam is on the back of an Easyrider bike. Easyrider Tours are a great way to see a more untouched Vietnam with a guide who knows the local layout.

However you decide to travel through Vietnam it will be an experience. If you have the time we suggest you try all the modes of transport above. If you are traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Sapa then take the bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang, stopping at Nha Trang and Mui Ne. Take the train from Da Nang to Hue or Ninh Binh and an Easyrider tour through the mountains to Hanoi. The overnight sleeper train to Sapa finishes with a 45min bus ride through the mountains.




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