Travel around HOI AN

Travel around Hoi An Old Town

Deep in the heart of Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, is Hoi An, a quaint ancient town oozing with charm and history. Travel to its picturesque narrow streets and sleepy riverside and experience a welcoming place to stay on the road through Vietnam.  Lying 30 km south of Da Nang City, this site was once the largest harbour in South East Asia and was known as Lam Ap Pho (Champa City). Today, it is a relaxing tourist town that has restricted vehicles from its streets and offers a multitude of experiences, sights and sounds.  This UNESCO World heritage site is said to be one of Asia’s finest preserved pieces of history and one of Vietnam’s best to travel around.

Travel to Hoi An

Sights, Scents and Scenes

Hoi An’s setback is now your advantage.   This tiny town offers an authentic keyhole to a lifestyle of yesteryear.  Its charm is in the rich experience you have from the moment you arrive.

Cham Dive My Son Ruins Hoi An river

Dive the Cham islands, visit the My Son Ruins and see the market

There are many historic sights and scenes to be found when traveling around Hoi An.  Take the opportunity to travel, explore and learn something new.  Get lost for the day amongst the yellow concrete houses, old historic buildings and bridges dating back to the 15th century. Stop and eat mouth-watering street food at Mr.  Tien’s or take part in the Morning Glory cooking class. Have a suit or dress made from one of the many expert tailor shops. Hire bikes for the day and breeze through the buffalo-laden rice fields on the way out to An Bang Beach, where you can enjoy a swim and a cocktail at Banyan. Savour an ice cold Bia Hoi (fresh beer) for 20cents at one of the local restaurants.  Sit and relax as the sun goes down, and watch the Old Town transform into a magical land with its thousands of brightly coloured lanterns.

However long you have here, you will enjoy the old-school charm that flows from this beautiful town, a place that has managed to preserve a piece of history in a world that is ever changing.





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