Take a walk through Hoi An’s Old Town and you will discover more restaurants than you can shake a shrimp spring roll at. Many menus offer staple Hoi An specialties, peppered with the obligatory pizza, pasta and burgers, but you don’t have to look far to discover the true gems of Hoi An.

hoi-an restaurants

Tasty delicacies in beautiful settings pop up again and again amongst the huddled rows of yellow clay buildings. Start on the river at sunset with a plate of spring rolls washed down with a 20cent Bia Hoi (freshly made beer).  Most restaurants offer a happy hour, so after a couple of cocktails you can happily stroll amongst the buildings, following your nose in search of the perfect meal.

Try the local specialties of Cau Lau (pork and noodles) or White Rose (soft wonton dumplings). Some other sumptuous dishes on offer include Caramelised Pork in a Clay Pot, Banana Flower Salad, Deep-fried Banana Pancakes, Bia Bo (beef cooked in beer), Fresh River Fish cooked in Banana Leaf and Spicy Tofu Salad.  If you are feeling ravenous, visit an all-you-can-eat Ban Xeo (Vietnamese Pancake) House. There is so much food to sample in Hoi An and some of Vietnam’s best chefs have created restaurants here that will keep you coming back for more and more.


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